Autumn Nail Trends

Autumn Nail Trends

As a new cooler season is finally on the horizon, we can revamp our wardrobes with bolder, stronger, and warmer colors. Updating your look does not only include the latest pair of Gucci booties, but new Autumn nail trends should be on the top of your hotlist!

Hop on the nail trends Daria is offering this autumn.

The months of bright, cheerful pastels are fast giving way to the return of our favorite browns, reds, creative, and darker tones. Autumn is on its way, and to get a head start on the trends, we dropped the beans on both simple and bold manicured nails to rock this season.

There are several fascinating nail trends this season that will give you that exquisite feel of authenticity. Daria Beauty Salon is one of the topmost home nail salons in Dubai. Daria Beauty offers tons of nail inspirations and trends that will make your nails stand out this autumn. Check out some of our Autumn nail inspirations.

Zodiac-themed nail

Dubai fashionistas can never go wrong with a zodiac-themed nail. Are you a fan of astrology? Do you know your star sign and its importance? If yes, Daria Beauty has an array of themed star nails that can be customized especially for you. If not, we walk you through knowing your star sign and fixing a star-themed nail design for you. Either way, you are good to go. At Daria Beauty Salon, we have a comprehensive variety of slider designs for your occasion.



Pearls were once thought to be a fashion statement for old grannies. However, in recent times, pearl designs have integrated into all aspects of fashion and are now setting an unforgettable trend. Project your inner Sophia Loren and add a dash of pearl to your nail glam. Pearl beads of different sizes and can be placed on a metallic blue nail acrylic base giving it the perfect autumn shine you need. The pearls can also be glued all the way down your fingertips. This can be done by professionals at Daria Beauty Salon.

Forever Red

Our reliable red can be paired with a more demure look with any abaya or summer dress, regardless of the season. Wear it bold with darker tones or give your hands a softer feel with a lighter pantone option. Go full nailfluencer and create your signature style with red French tips on a lighter shade of red!

Nails with a different hue at their tip are set to leave others copying your style.

Green nails

The beauty industry has started to take measures to become more ecologically friendly in response to customer’s demands, and nail varnish is no exception. Dubai is a city that takes environmental health seriously. The United Arab Emirates is known for recycling both organic and inorganic products. At Daria Beauty, we seek to promote these ideals by recycling organic products into a nail varnish. You can get your green nails perfectly done by our beauty specialists by using a vegan polish. Shades of green are a perfect match for autumn. Vegan polish is currently setting the trend worldwide, and it is made up of 70% organic products like wheat, potato, and maize. Bring on green nails, your salad selfies will thank us!

Travel back to the Seventies

Seventies fashion is a great inspiration for nail trends this autumn. Tweeds, wool, and leather always make a fashionable entrance in autumn. You will definitely need the perfect nail to match if you decide to go along with the seventies fashion knockouts. Try out our range of nail acrylic options from grey, cream, and ivory to peach, brown, and burgundy. The seventies color palette beautifully depicts the desert landscape of Dubai.

Back to basics with French Tips

The French nail is simply a nude-colored nail with white tips. It once fell out of fashion, but it is back with a bang and not to be ignored this autumn season. We can design a blend of nude and white colors, giving you bespoke designs you can choose from. The white shade will help to soften and elongate your hands. It is a must-have for any trendsetting modern woman.


  • After fixing acrylics, will my natural nails grow under them?

Yes. Acrylics will actually improve the overall appearance of your natural nails and protect them from external factors that can damage them.

  • Is there a way I can maintain my extensions?

You can call our nail technician to smoothen, sanitize, and re-apply acrylic where it has started fading out. You can do this once every two weeks. This will fill in areas between the cuticle and your natural nail.

  • How do I maintain my acrylic when carrying out gardening work?

It is best to wear gardening gloves when carrying out gardening work or other DIY jobs. This will make sure that the acrylic lasts long.

  • Is it safe to use lotions after fixing my nails?

Some lotions and hair oils are known to dissolve nail varnish. You should consult with our nail technician at Daria Beauty Salon before making use of any lotions or oils. This is to check the safety and preserve your acrylic.

  • How do I remove my nail polish?

Most people tend to peel off their polish. Please do not do that. It is best to remove your nail polish with acetone. Acetone is mild and very effective in removing polish. Alternatively, book your nail polish (gel or non-gel) removal with our team.

  • Is there a way to remove a UV varnish after fixing?

Some UV coats are hard gel. The best way to remove it is through filing. An electric file will remove the UV coat in the shortest amount of time. You can also add cuticle oil to soften the base. The process of removing a UV coat is complex. You should come book with Daria Beauty so our nail expert can assist you with that.

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