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Once upon a time, men who put time and effort into maintaining their appearance were called ‘metrosexuals.’ For a while, this term was used to deride those men who wanted something more for themselves and explored products and services that would grant them the elixir of healthy skin, clothes that actually fit, and an appreciation for the finer things. The funny thing is, you don’t hear that term used anymore, and quite rightly so. No longer is it considered some kind of strange masculine taboo to get massages, facials, and waxes to maintain a healthy body and mind. A facial treatment for men, for example, has untold benefits that directly address the problems caused by a busy modern life and is performed with every client’s unique skin concerns in mind.

Working out, playing sports, or simply keeping in shape is something that every man should be doing at least to some degree, and regular massages can keep your muscles and joints operating at their very best. That’s not to mention the lengthy list of sensational health benefits that accompany them. Let’s have a look at some of the best spa treatments for men and what they can achieve.

A lot of men are no strangers to a massage, however. And though it’s become increasingly popular and accessible to men worldwide, there are still many who have never had the incredible experience of a Swedish massage. Though there is no such thing as a strictly for men massage, Dubai salons like ours understand how their muscles and joints operate and how best to treat them. It’s also important to remember that massages offer immense physical benefits as well as mental ones that promote a sense of well-being, boosting mood and alleviating stress.

A massage for men who are sporty or work out routinely plays an essential role in the recovery process while also improving cardiovascular wellness and sleep quality.

Men naturally produce more oil because of their higher testosterone levels which often causes blocked pores, but there are a host of other causes that a good cleansing facial can easily remedy. Another area facials are beneficial for men is shaving, and the soothing properties of the treatment on their skin reduce irritation and deep-cleans bumps and creases. When you consider the reasons for a facial treatment Dubai has precisely the kind of climate that can cause blocked pores and oily imbalances throughout the year.

In terms of the need for a regular men’s facial, Dubai residents would definitely stand to gain more than most from its numerous positive effects. Getting facials can also eliminate the need for constant spending on grooming products and time-consuming additions to daily skincare rituals. One thing all men can agree on is the need to keep the aging process in check, and facials can prevent the premature signs of aging and even help to address imperfections.

Manicure and pedicure for men

The importance of a good manicure and pedicure for men should never be underestimated, and even though they may seem to be a purely aesthetic treatment, they also come with a range of beneficial effects. A manicure or pedicure for men exfoliates the skin and promotes the growth of healthy cells making hands and feet more pleasing to the eye and touch. This treatment is also particularly effective in dealing with poor nail habits, and getting manicures and pedicures can solve the problem of hanging nails and poor nail health.

The confidence to show off well-kept hands and feet during the summer and in social environments is a peace of mind every man should have, and our therapists will always ensure that our male clients look and feel their best.

Invite us over and experience bespoke home spa treatments for men

When it comes to men’s spa treatments, we’re dedicated to educating and helping them to understand that they deserve the gifts of these treatments as much as the ladies do and will continue to encourage them to explore the tremendous possibilities of regular wellness therapy. For men, spa treatments are becoming increasingly popular, and we have an entire range from which to choose. Make an appointment today and let our highly trained therapists show you the wonderful rewards of spa treatments for men.

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