The benefits of beauty services at your doorstep


Isn’t it fabulous that the solution to our modern stresses is thousands of years old and that we’ve finally realized the importance of wellness in our daily lives? It’s not breaking news, but there has been a massive surge of people who are now feeling the transformational benefits of spa treatments. Millions of people have discovered that your body and mind are at the root of happiness and that bringing them into alignment can be life-changing. Wellness and beauty services at home are just as professional as any of the treatments you’ll receive from a traditional spa. All of the delights, with none of the fussing.

Preventing the signs of aging, reducing pain, relieving stress, and promoting better sleep are just a handful of the advantages to be gained from consistent treatment. The only thing better than having regular massages is having them in the comfort of your own home with some of the best-trained therapists around. At Daria, we have perfected the art of providing world-class salon services at home and bringing superb wellness and beauty services directly to our lovely clients. Your environment is crucial to your ability to relax, and traveling around the city to places where you may feel less at ease can negatively affect your experience. When it comes to a home service salon, Dubai stands to gain more than most. Here are a few reasons why.

Peace of mind

We all know how it goes. You grab your phone and wonder whether there’s a beauty salon near me, put it into Google, only to find a list of places that would require you to grab your keys and take on the Dubai traffic. We already spend so much of our time commuting, and there’s no reason to take on the highways when you can have every one of your needs attended to the right where you are. We’re always happy to accommodate special requests where possible, and all of our treatments are delivered with the greatest discretion so you can slip away to your heavenly experience with no interruptions.

More quality time

Being able to call on the services of our vastly experienced and talented therapists means you can spend more quality time with the people you love. In terms of massage home service, Dubai has several options, but few of them can match what we provide, not only in the variety of our treatments but our family-friendly approach.

Whether you want to bond with your partner, husband, wife, or friends, our spa package combos are the perfect way to make some memories. We LOVE throwing pamper parties for our clients, and we even do bachelorettes for a dreamy day out with the girls. With our fully child-friendly range of treatments and products, your little ones are always safe in the hands of our staff, whether for beauty or wellness.

Corporate Convenience

Did you know that more and more professionals have mobile beauty and wellness experiences at the office? In our super busy schedules, it can often be challenging to fit in a lunch break, let alone a spa appointment you need to travel to. When we’re invited to our clients’ place of business, we understand the need to be efficient without making you feel rushed, and all treatments will take your time into consideration.

Suppose you’re in a management position or have your own staff. In that case, there’s no better way to ensure their happiness and productivity than with a massage, and we’re always happy to oblige group sessions with sufficient time to prepare. Maybe you just want to pamper your hands and feet, but our manicure and pedicure combo is a perfect way to take a break and refresh your senses. With our home nail service, Dubai doesn’t have to come to a standstill for you to get the very latest trends and products whisked straight to your office so you can keep being the girl boss you are.

The best in bespoke wellness and beauty. Delivered.

It’s easy to think that luxurious massages and manicures are a treat, and in some ways, they are. But in this day and age, serene relaxation and mental and physical benefits are becoming more and more important in our search for a happier, balanced life. Allow us the privilege and the pleasure to bring thousands of years worth of wellness wisdom and the latest in beauty trends straight to your door and join our lengthy list of clients already enjoying our exquisite range of treatments.

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