The Best Facial For You

The Best Facial For You

Much like their innate personalities, humans are also born with different and unique skin types. While some could give oil companies a run for their money with the oil on their T-zone, others could have dry skin (and you can always find a miniature moisturizer in their bag). Today, skincare has come a long way with the help of research, and every skin type has a special treatment to help them look and feel their best.

At Daria Beauty Salon, we understand the need to find the right facial for your skin type and are here to add the “glow” to your gorgeous face. With this blog, find out the best-suited facial for your skin type and how it acts as a superfood for your skin. Read on to know more!

  • Brightening Facial: Often the go-to facial treatment right before an event, our brightening facial can do wonders with your skin. This beauty regime is perfect for those with combination skin, open pores, and dark spots. The treatment, administered by our trained professional beauticians, can give your skin a fuller, younger, and fresh look in just 30 minutes. The facial would include a double cleanse to do away with dead skin, a purifying deep skin cleanse to reach deeper levels of your epidermis, and a steam procedure that will open your pores right up. Once the deep cleaning part of the facial is done, your beautician will use a special serum to gently massage your skin, aiding in reduced inflammation and puffiness. And voila, you will be left with fresh, happy skin, and we bet you would want to come back again! 
  • Lifting Facial: If you have dull skin with pale patches around certain areas, a lifting facial might just be the rejuvenating serum you need. This hour-long professional treatment includes an exclusive skin evaluation from our beauticians, allowing them to identify areas on your face that need special attention.

Our skin specialists use an organic glow-enhancing serum that lifts the skin, evens the skin tone, detoxifies, and improves cell regeneration (hello, collagen!). With a combination of our lush lifting facial treatment and expert skin specialists, you can now bid adieu to tired, puffy skin. 

Anti-aging facial: Exposure to air pollutants, lifestyle choices, genetics, and several other factors contribute to aging skin. While we can’t undo any of those, our anti-aging facial can surely slow the process. Specially curated to cater to mature skin, this facial treatment can lift, brighten, and rejuvenate skin with signs of aging. If wrinkles and fine lines are posing a halt in you looking your amazing self, this treatment is for you! In this 45-minute specialized skin treatment, our beauticians use an exfoliating mask combined with a deep tissue massage to soften the skin texture, considerably reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. As we grow old, our skin loses elasticity, and collagen production levels decrease; however, our anti-aging facial treatment and carefully selected products help combat the process and restore natural collagen levels for your skin. 

Your skin is the healthiest when you are happy and relaxed, and we at Daria Beauty Salon believe in providing you with a skincare experience you deserve while relaxing in your home.  Book a facial treatment with us and look your fabulous self today! Click here to browse our facial treatment selection!

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