Why You Need A Massage

Why You Need A Massage

Massages are very relaxing and can be a great way to de-stress. However, they also come with a plethora of physical health benefits. It is a practice that has been around for thousands of years. With an option for everyone and every ailment, with its own share of benefits. Here are five key reasons why you should consider getting a massage.

Reduce Muscle Tension

Many people develop chronic muscular pain and tension as they get older. There are many reasons why this happens – it could be a result of performing a repetitive movement during a workout, or it could simply result from sitting in the same position for several hours at work. Getting a massage is an excellent way to reduce muscle tension and restore balance to your body.

Reducing muscle tension can help you feel more comfortable as you go throughout your daily routine. It can also help you heal more quickly from injuries or surgeries when used safely. Best of all a massage can increase blood flow to the affected area, allowing it to heal faster.

Improve Sleep

In a study (by Phillips Global in 2019), it was found that 62% of adults worldwide report that they don’t sleep well or achieve the recommended sleep time. The amount and quality of sleep you get can have a significant effect on your overall health. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to maintain a consistent sleep schedule when you are stressed out. Making time for that regular massage can actually help you sleep more comfortably. It is proven that specific massage techniques positively affect your nervous system, which in return allows you to get high-quality deep sleep after receiving one.

Improve Athletic Performance

If you play a sport or work out regularly, you know that recovery plays a significant role in how you will perform the next day. By incorporating a massage into your monthly routine, it can be an excellent recovery tool. It’s normal to feel sore after an intense workout, but soreness can also inhibit your athletic performance. Massages can help break up the lactic acid that is causing the soreness so you can recover faster and perform better.

Additionally, it can help you increase your range of motion. Some massage techniques can help correct muscle imbalances, which can limit your movement. Many professional athletes rely on massages to keep their performance up, but anyone who works out regularly can enjoy the athletic benefits of getting a massage.

Increase Circulation

Another benefit to not overlook is the increase in blood circulation. Good circulation ensures that blood reaches every part of your body. As a result, it keeps your heart and lungs healthy and your brain function at an optimum level. Additionally, good circulation can help you heal faster from injuries and illnesses.

Massages use gentle pressure on various parts of your body, which increases blood flow to these areas. By the end of the session, circulation improves throughout the body.

Reduce Stress

This is one of the most popular reasons to get a massage. Massages are very relaxing for both the body and mind and many people leave feeling like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. The positive response generated during a treatment, triggered by the nervous system, creates a calming sensation.

It has been proved that a professional massage can help release stress in the short term, but it can also be beneficial for those who struggle with chronic anxiety and depression. As a result, regular massages are used as a complementary treatment for mental healthcare.

Regular massages are something that everyone can benefit from. Not only are they good for your health, but you’ll also leave feeling relaxed and comfortable.

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  • How often should I get a massage?

Everyone’s body is different, and your needs will depend on the amount of physical and mental stress you feel. Getting a massage at least once a month is a great way to ensure you stay relaxed, but many people book even more often.

  • How can I pick the best massage for me?

There are many different types of massages to choose from, and the best option for you will really depend on your personal needs. Consider the amount of pressure you’d like as well as the amount of relaxation.

  • How long do massages last?

This will vary depending on the type of massage that you get. However, most last anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes.

  • Do massages hurt?

In general, massages should not hurt. However, the amount of pressure you feel will depend on the type of treatment you get. For example, a deep tissue massage will be much more intense than a Swedish massage.

  • How will I feel after my massage?

After a massage, you can expect to feel relaxed. In many cases, you’ll notice that your muscles feel far less tense as well. In some cases, you may feel some mild tenderness afterwards, but this should dissipate quickly.

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