Swedish Full Body Massage

Our Swedish full body massage is carefully designed to relieve muscular tension and stress, relaxing not just your body but your mind. Our internationally trained massage therapists use gliding strokes with medium or harder pressure (as per your preference). She uses these strokes to direct your natural blood flow to the heart. This helps to increase oxygen levels, improve circulation, assist in pain management and flexibility. The technique is designed to offer an overall well-being result. Mind-Body-Soul.


Reflexology Full Body Massage

Scientists in the late 1800’s found that our skin is connected with nerves to our internal organs. Thus there is a deep-rooted benefit in reflexology. At Daria Beauty, we offer a full-body reflexology massage to reduce stress and anxiety, assist with the recovery of illness, and act as a complementary therapy for more severe disorders. Studies have shown that if done correctly, reflexology assists in pain relief, nerve stimulation and restoring blood flow, it is a treatment that promotes better health by putting pressure on key focal points either in the hands, feet or ears. It is one of the best stress-relieving massages available at Daria Beauty, you are in safe hands with our professional, internationally trained therapists.


Shiatsu Massage

If you are a chronic sufferer of conditions such as migraine or headache, PMS, digestive disorders, insomnia, anxiety and pain, Shiatsu massage could be the complementary treatment for you. A massage technique originated in Japan but based on Chinese medicine combined with Western elements has been a gamechanger for many chronic patients. The massage technique is similar to those done by osteopaths and physiotherapists, including lymphatic drainage procedures. The therapist uses the massage to alleviate physical blockages and imbalances through applying pressure, rubbing, stroking, and other techniques to stimulate the body’s muscle and circulatory system, influencing the body’s natural inner energies. It activates the body’s autonomous nervous system promoting it to heal itself. The massage promotes overall wellbeing by relieving stress and promoting inner balance.


Thai Massage

An ancient traditional massage not to overlook if you suffer from stress, muscle stiffness, headaches, anxiety and back pain. Thai massage originated in India and has been practised for over 2 500 years. Our internationally trained massage therapists will ask you to dress in comfortable clothing (little to no oil is used), lie on a firm floor mat, while she stretches, pull, rock and manipulate your body to promote relaxation, release tension and stress and improve flexibility. As with yoga, the massage works on the same principle, focusing on improving the energy flow through your body, which results in healing.


Balinese Massage

A deeply rooted traditional massage originated in Bali offers you an unforgettable experience that will leave you floating on cloud 9. Balinese massage therapists use a unique blend of eccentric essential oils combined with massage techniques such as firm pressure (acupressure), deep skin rolling and flicking with percussion and gentle movements. This holistic treatment is designed to repair damaged tissue, relieve tight muscles and joints while releasing stress and rebalancing your inner self. Perfect for sports injuries or purely for a deep relaxation massage, clients who book with Daria’s qualified therapists have reported an increase in energy, relief of sore muscles, an improvement from anxiety and an overall boost in their life-work equilibrium.


Herbal Massage

This re-energizing massage starts with a combination of stretching movements and palm pressure points. Once the body is warmed up, aromatic heated herbal bags are applied on your body, for an instant relaxing and soothing effect providing great relief to muscular aches and pains. Lotion is then rubbed on your body to complete this detoxifying treatment. *Coconut oil, herbal bag with turmeric, ginger and lemongrass

Warm Himalayan salt stone massage

Our qualified massage therapist at Daria Beauty combines one of our signature treatments – Warm Himalayan Salt Stone Massage with a traditional therapy from Hawaii known as Lomi Lomi. This energy restoring massage uses a combination of massage techniques, nut oils, and hand movements to relax the mind and body. Once the body is warm and relaxed, smooth, hot salt stones are used to glide over the skin with long, flowing strokes. Each stroke, along with the heat and minerals from the salt (Himalayan salt in its purest form), cleanses and resets the body’s natural energy flow, heals sore muscles, and brings balance to your emotions. Similar to a hot stone massage, the salt stones are placed on the energy points of the body.

Close up of young woman having hot himalayan stone massage in spa.Natural salt stone bricks placed on spine with therapist in background.

Daria Beauty Signature Massage


At Daria Beauty, we take your recovery and relaxation seriously. Therefore we created the perfect treatment that combines the best of four techniques in one! Once you are settled, the therapist will start with long, deep strokes to warm and soften your muscles. She then proceeds with a Shiatsu massage. As your body and mind drift off, we amp up the treatment by adding hot stones to the mix. Hot stones are placed on pressure points to release tension and relax muscles. Our Signature Massage ends with a 30 minutes reflexology treatment to relax and give you the feeling of overall comfort. Our internationally trained therapists welcome you to discover this profoundly relaxing path to health and harmony. Oil: Coconut oil, hot stone (can opt for Himalayan salt stone)


Daria Beauty Anti-Cellulite Massage Cupping


Cellulite is one of the most common skin conditions affecting women. Around 90% of women have it. We at Daria Beauty specialize in a treatment that supports your anti-cellulite regime. Anti-cellulite Vacuum Cupping is a technique created to stimulate lymphatic drainage and encouraging blood flow to the affected area. The therapy, in return, helps and amplifies the effects of a healthy diet and regular exercise. Heated cups are applied on the skin to “suck” and “pull” the affected connective fibrous tissues to reverse the pressure and help break up the cellulite. The fat and toxins are then released through the lymphatic system. If combined with a healthy lifestyle, our therapy is the perfect complementary procedure for treating cellulite. *For the best results, it is recommended to repeat the treatment twice a week for five weeks.

Therapist is performing a maderotherapy massage on female leg in cosmetic salon

Anti-Cellulite Massage

Cellulite is a common skin concern that can be reduced by non-surgical treatments such as massage. Our trained massage therapist at Daria Beauty offers an anti-cellulite treatment that is designed to break down and combat cellulite. The technique includes using specially formulated oils, creams, and hand movements or using a wooden roller. We all know that cellulite is stubborn; therefore, it is best to repeat the massage regularly. The therapist will stimulate the tissue and promote lymphatic drainage while boosting blood circulation. Your body will dispose of these toxins naturally. It is recommended to use our massage as a support therapy along with exercise and a healthy diet.


Head Massage

There is nothing more relaxing than a head massage, ok yes, maybe our full body massage comes close! Your head is covered in pressure points, that when used correctly by a trained massage therapist, can offer you and your head a blissful experience. Besides relaxation, head massage has an overall well-being effect along with benefits such as relief for migraines, reduction of tension and stress, lowering blood pressure, and supporting hair growth.


Foot Massage

Our feet take a pounding each day, from running after our kids, going to the gym, and wearing stylish heels for extended hours. Slide aside those Jimmy Choo’s and put up your feet for a relaxing foot massage! Our feet contain a thousand nerve endings, and Daria is ready to make each one feel refreshed and relaxed. Give your feet the break they deserve. Relax, sit back and enjoy. Our specially designed foot massage offers improved circulation, speeds up the recovery of injuries, lowers blood pressure, boosts energy levels, improves sleep and immune functions.