Lash Lift

The perfect lash look is only a Whats App away! If you would like beautifully styled lashes for eight weeks, then a lash lift is just what you need. No time to style your lashes in the morning? A lash lift curls your natural lashes to give it that volumized look. Our technicians will discuss the various curl options that compliment your eye and face. There is no need for mascara or any effort. Each lash is boosted, making them fuller, thicker, for longer. We recommend pairing your lift with a tint for the best results.

Woman having eyelash extension in beauty salon

Classic Eyelashes Extension

Beautiful lashes infuse confidence and style to anyone rocking them! This season lashes are fuller, longer, and definitely make a statement. Trust your lashes with Daria Beauty. We offer premier quality that is 100% safe and guaranteed to turn heads! Each extension undergoes extensive preparation, ensuring that the placement looks perfect. We do not overlook your natural lashes but asses them to provide the ideal lash extension ratio.


2D Volume Eyelash Extension

It is all about volume, big, fluffy, and full! If you are looking for showstopping eyelashes, look no further. Our 2D or 2-dimensional extensions are carefully applied to your natural lash. We use a 10mm extension to help create a whimsical arch for your eye. Our professionally trained technician will ask you about volume, curl, length, and thickness during your consultation. This will help her guide you for the perfect look for your lovely lashes.


3D volume Eyelash Extensions

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but 3D lashes make her eyes sparkle more. Full, heavy, and captivating lash extensions perfectly suited for special occasions such as weddings and bridal parties. Our eyelash technicians at Daria Beauty create wispier, more voluminous lashes with our 3D extensions.


4D &5D volume Eyelash Extensions

Dramatic eyelashes; fuller, softer, luxurious-looking lashes that add that drop of perfection to any outfit, be it a wedding, prom, birthday, or graduation. We at Daria Beauty use only the best quality lashes, carefully applied to create a feathery fan to frame your eyes. Our 4D or 5D lashes offer our clients a voluminous look without compromising their natural lashes. During your consultation, our technician will discuss the best volume and length that suits your lifestyle and occasion.


Eyelash Extension Removal

Eyelash extensions is the beauty fix that most cannot live without, with fuller, more luxurious lashes framing your face; what more can I girl ask for? At Daria Beauty, we have you covered, and we know your schedules are packed, so we come to you to either refill, replace or remove your extensions. As alluring as it is to remove them yourself, the safest way for both your natural and fake lashes is to leave it up to the professionals. We use special glue (similar to surgical glue) to keep your lash extension long-lasting, therefore save your beautiful feathery tips and call Daria Beauty for the upkeep.


Eyebrow Lifting

Fuller, thicker, more voluminous eyebrows are still the hottest trend no matter the season. Strong brows that frame your face adding to your expressions and style! At Daria Beauty, our brow lift is done to perfection. No more pencils, no more styling, just wake up and be beautiful! Our secret ingredient allows the brow to straighten and lift after that, our technicians “style” your brow hair to complete the look. The procedure can be complemented with a brow tint.