Turn a day of delights into precious memories with Daria Beauty

Spoil yourself and your favorite girl with our range of treatments designed to put both of you on cloud nine and beyond. Sparkle up those nails with our toxin-free, easy to remove manicure and pedicure combo, or share a blissful massage from our expert therapists.

Why not include a gentle facial? All the products available to our younger clientele are organic, age-appropriate, 100% safe and delicately administered, so you never need to worry. This package is also perfect for throwing pamper parties, and her friends will love her for inviting them along for a day of glitz, glamour, and giggles.


Classic Manicure & Pedicure Combo

Freshen up those nails with our Classic Manicure and Pedicure combo using only the finest organic products. Our kid-friendly, non-toxic nail polish is available in a variety of colors, and is easily removable by grown-ups despite its excellent resistance to chipping. Team up with your little ones to create matching themes or simply enjoy a clean-up to leave you both looking and feeling fab.

Beautician applying nail polish to kid's nail in beauty salon. Cute little toddler girl getting luxury manicure procedure at spa center
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Spa Manicure & Pedicure Combo

Add a touch of sensory stimulation and elegance with our Spa Manicure and Pedicure combo. Our hand soaks are infused with vanilla and marshmallow fragrances that smell exactly as heavenly as they sound. After that, we’ll enrich them with a tropical manicure hand cream before we let your feet join the party. We finish up with a sumptuous pedicure foot mask imbued with lavender and mint, and a kid-friendly nail polish free of any toxins.


Full-Body Soft Swedish Massage

Experience the physical and emotional serenity of our smooth, gentle, Swedish massage for full-body relaxation. Say goodbye to muscular tension and stress as our therapists whisk you and baby off to dreamland. A Soft Swedish massage comes with all the incredible benefits you’d expect, and we always ensure that just the right amount of pressure is applied when your little ones are in our care.

Close up of therapist doing osteopathic treatment on little girls chin.
foot massage

Foot Massage

Let your mind drift off as we use ancient reflexology and massage techniques to send your feet into a state of pure joy. Our therapists use a carefully selected range of massage oils to ensure that you and your little girl are walking on sunshine while never leaving your seat. Chat away or simply enjoy the silence of pure enjoyment while we do what we do best.